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The Only Official Wiki for the Democratic Republic of Gandoor

It is currently 26 March 2028 in Gandoor

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Welcome to the Gandoor Wiki, a wiki about the nation of Gandoor from the online game NationStates. For more information about the Gandoor Wiki, please visit the About page.

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Gandoor is a unitary parliamentary democratic republic located in the Pacific Ocean, neighbouring Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to the southwest and the Phlippines to the west. Originally established in 1587 as the Gandoor Grand Council, Gandoor was a monarchy from 1603 until a revolution in 1900 caused the abdication of the last monarch, William II, and the dissolution of the monarchy in 1902, with the modern democratic republic being established in 1904. The country is led by a Prime Minister, currently Park Sang-Hee, with the legislature being known as the Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor. A multilingual country, Gandoor recognizes English, Japanese, and Russian as its official languages, with all three having equal status under the law. (More...)

Did you know...

Chiba Masato
  • ...that Chiba Masato (pictured) was forced to stop attending school at the age of 16 after the passage of a law forbidding the education of Gandoorese of non-European ancestry?
  • ...that the national anthem of Gandoor, L'Internationale, uses the original French lyrics as the officially recognized lyrics?
  • ...that the New Democratic Party was formed from a merger of the Progressive Party and the Gandoor Democratic Union in 1878 and are the oldest active political party in Gandoor?
  • ...that Susanne Walsh, daughter of William II, the last Nzard of Gandoor, became an ardent anti-monarchist in her adult life?


  • Happy New Year! It is now the year 2028 in Gandoor!
  • Happy New Year! It is now the year 2027 in Gandoor!
  • Controversy has broke out over the educational standards for the next school year, with critics claiming the new standards serve to politically indoctrinate Gandoorese children.
  • Data from the 2025 census, the first which allows for the selection of multiple ethnicities, has revealed that 8.1% of Gandoorese consider themselves to be of mixed ethnicity
  • All the new banknote designs for the gdyn have entered general circulation
  • The National Bank of Gandoor has revealed new banknote designs for the gdyn
  • Park Sang-Hee has been appointed Prime Minister of Gandoor by the Forum
  • All articles and images related to Gandoor from NSindex have been migrated over to this wiki successfully
  • This wiki was started!