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Welcome to the Gandoor Wiki, a wiki about the nation of Gandoor from the online game NationStates. For more information about the Gandoor Wiki, please visit the About page.

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Gandoor is a unitary parliamentary democratic republic located in the Pacific Ocean, neighbouring Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to the southwest and the Phlippines to the west. Originally established in 1587 as the Gandoor Grand Council, Gandoor was a monarchy from 1603 until a revolution in 1900 caused the abdication of the last monarch, William II, and the dissolution of the monarchy in 1902, with the modern democratic republic being established in 1904. The country is led by a Prime Minister, currently Nikolai Olanovich Semenov, with the legislature being known as the Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor. A multilingual country, Gandoor recognizes English, Japanese, and Russian as its official languages, with all three having equal status under the law. (More...)

Did you know...

Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor
  • ...that the Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor (pictured) was constructed on the grounds of the Royal Palace, which housed the Gandoorese Royal Family from 1623 until 1841 and was demolished in 1855?
  • ...that actor Tom Williamson played the titular role in the television program The Professor for forty-seven years, from 1958 until 1997 and again from 2011 until 2019?
  • ...that Rose, a Gandoorese television drama broadcast since 1950, originally began on the radio in 1924?
  • ...that Reginald D. McFatton, Jr., Prime Minister from 2006 to 2018, is the only Prime Minister to be directly related to a previous Prime Minister?


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